About Me

Hello and welcome to Love Life Gluten Free blog. I have been happily living a Gluten free existence in Hertfordshire since 2016, and more recently dairy free. I ABSOLUTELY love my food, i think about it a lot..and now i have a good reason to talk about food (win win)

My Diagnoses

My journey to living gluten free started when i was plagued with numerous symptoms, from the physical, as well as the mental and i struggled to pin point the cause. Upon seeking medical advice i was advised to cut gluten/wheat out of my diet altogether to see if the symptoms i was experiencing reduced (i now know this was poor advice). After about 6 months of cutting gluten out, i was accidentally ‘glutened’ which resulted in server symptoms, after which i was diagnosed as been allergic to gluten at 29 years old.

At the time i was overwhelmed with the changes that i needed to make to my diet, as well as lifestyle, and i was massively conscious on how it affected others around me. I found a lot of comfort in reading and hearing about the experiences of others, and knowing i was certainly not alone.

Love Life Gluten Free

Alongside my gluten free lifestyle, i live a jam packed, healthy life which will be reflected throughout this blog. I love everything fitness related, and will always give something a go at least once. I enjoy spending time in the countryside with my 2 doggy companions and pub lunches (who doesn’t)

I hope this blog will help guide you through a gluten/dairy free lifestyle, and realize all is not lost (as i once did) Been gluten free has given me an opportunity to try new foods, experiment in the kitchen and rekindle my passion for food!

If you are new to the world of gluten free, my biggest piece of advice is to talk about it with those around you, and join FB groups, follow blogs and don’t be afraid to ask questions.